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Funding Application Form

In order for you application to be considered it must meet the following criteria.

1. All funding must remain in the area we collect from and be of benefit to the local community. Our area extends from Carsluith to Kirkowan and from Glentrool to the Isle of Whithorn.

2. Each organisation can have only one successful application per year.

3. A request for funding must be for a specific thing. We will not consider applications for general costs and maintenance.

4. An estimate of the total cost, how much you are asking us to donate and how the rest will be funded should be included.

5. If you are asking for funding for a trip then an estimate of the number of people is also needed.
Please provide your full name.
Please provide a phone number to contact you on
Please provide the name of your organisation
Please provide a description of what the organisation does and aims to achive
Please enter the address where you would like the cheque to if the application is successful.
Please enter the name the cheque should be made out to if the application is successful.
Please state how much you are applying for
Please provide details of how the funding will be used
Please provide details of where the funding will be used. For example if it is a nation wide charity how will you ensure the funding is ring fenced for the benefit of the local community.

Fields with (*) are compulsory.